A new version of SAP Business One has appeared. SAP ensures that a version enriched with new functionalities appears regularly. However, existing functions are being developed and improved. This year is no different. We have version 9.3 and with it new products in over 50 areas. What’s new and interesting has appeared in version 9.3 of SAP Business One?

SAP Business One w wersji 9.3 oferuje nowe funkcjonalności i usprawnienia w ponad 50 obszarach

For example, in the project management area, a new general view has been added, allowing filtering and displaying of all time-dependent project and sub-project details in one place. It is also possible to display the project on a Gantt chart.

A new route function has been added for production, which facilitates the processing of production process data thanks to a defined sequence of production stages. The function also increases control over items related to production and management of resource components.

Workflow has also been expanded with new features. Configuration of workflow services and template management is now possible through the administration console based on web services. The service now supports the 64-bit API DI interface.

In version 9.3 there is also the possibility of publishing and sharing Excel and Crystal Reports documents via an analytical portal in a web browser. This will facilitate sending and using documents without having access to the Business One user panel at the moment.

One of the pillars of SAP development is investing a significant part of its resources in continuous development. The company constantly makes sure that products are constantly developed, remaining user-friendly and flexible in customization. This is one of the most important things that make this system stand out on the market.