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For construction companies overbudgeting or timeliness of is unacceptable situation, which unfortunately happen and expose the company to losses. Therefore, the system to improve the management of projects already at the stage of public offering is a key tool for increasing the company’s profitability. Tracking progress and costs, costing and budgeting is only part of the functionality of industry solution for project management.

Business Benefits

  • Complete insight across projects, from headquarters to field project
  • Increase project profitability with on-time and on-budget performance
  • Analyse project schedules, resources, progress and earned value with integrated project systems
  • Manage project changes in definition, scope, cost, and schedule to reduce risk exposure
  • Manage midproject variations and their impacts with a single project view that combines both the operational and the financial perspectives

In an industry where companies are only as successful as their most recent endeavors, it makes sense to strive for transparency, speed, and cost-effective responses on every project. SAP Business One helps increase your profitability with visibility into each project and across the entire organization, helping you get the most from your resources and deliver your projects within scope, on budget, and on time.

Improving business management and project

SAP Business One with industry solution for project management in engineering and construction increases efficiency. Your company. The use of the system ensures greater transparency of transactions and aggregation of all data at the project level. By gathering all the data on the projects in one place it is easier to monitor the profitability of the company.

Effective management of all stages of the process of bidding

Software for SAP Business One guides the user through the process of handling the tender procedure from registration information, by preparing and authorizing the offer until after the negotiations with the Client and signing of the contract. Each stage of the proceedings can be described by the amount of additional information about the project, sources of information about the tender, or all meetings, notes and correspondence.


At the stage of preparing the offer, the solution for Project Management in engineering and construction, can generate requests for proposals to suppliers on the basis of which the next stage will be generated offer and the agreement with the subcontractor.

Efficient management of the project within budget

One of the basic features of the application to the Project Management is intuitive operation. After the bidding process system allows to transform the current supply contract document. Department staff members can more specific implementation of this document for information on the exact scope of work and the number of construction. Each item contracts can be broken down into more specific items for which shall be specified planned value of work and the planned time frame for each stage of the project.


In this way, in one document will be gathered information on both the basic budget, as well as the schedule.


A very important part of any project is to track the progress of the project.SAP Business One allows you to record the minutes introducing, partial and final, which are the basis for issuing invoices. In addition, each stage of the project is described percentage severity and actual dates of commencement and completion of the work.

Project Portfolio Management with Business Intelligence tools

Ongoing monitoring key indicators of projects and analysis of deviations from the plan can determine the success of the project. Project Management enables reporting of planned and actual revenues and costs for projects. SAP Business One also enables graphical reporting progress. Each report can be created in both applications Business Intellingence using the technique “drag and drop” as well as in Microsoft Excel.


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