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Analytical solutions

Analytics and operations in one system

The aim of making a profit and the constant improvement of operational efficiency, companies need tools to improve decision-making. Decisions should be based on a comprehensive knowledge of the state of the company and implementing activities. The source of information is the data stored in computer systems. Understanding these relationships, SAP and SUPREMIS provide the tools and necessary knowledge in the field of business analytics implementations often referred to as Business Intelligence (BI). SAP Business One for SAP HANA is the only ERP solution with built-in analytical tools in BI class.

Power of analysis in a few seconds!

SAP Business One for SAP HANA collects data and produces real-time analysis, showing the activity and dynamic of business. It also allows you to visualize the data of these pre-defined and prepared by the user. You get easy access to analysis, through the embedding data on the SAP Business One cockpit (panel’s) or on mobile devices. This multimedia presentation of data is particularly important for key performance indicators (KPI) and aggregated analysis used in everyday work.


Check how easy it is to customize and create dashboards’s at SAP Business One Academy


Interactive analysis with SAP Dashbord Designer

If your need to visualize data are even greater, you need individualized presentation, preparing its own model of analysis, tools to perform the simulation, eg. What-if, or use the data beyond the environment of SAP HANA, using SAP Dashboard Designer you will create such an analysis.

Clear reports with Crystal Reports

In SAP Business One ther are available report templates and prints that you can modify or create new ones. With SAP Crystal Reports, you get a tool that allows for clear text, tabular and graphical presentation of data.Reports can to be available in the system, saved to a popular formats such as. Pdf or shared by e-mail or via the Web using SAP Crystal Server. What is important, when you buying SAP Business One software, you will get the run-time license to create SAP Crystal Reports, and every user of SAP Business One to play them for free.

Answer the questions with SAP Lumira and SAP Crystal Server

When we need to collect data to discover hidden relationships and answers, and then present them in a readable form – SAP Lumira becomes the best option. Without the participation of IT staff, queries based on data from various sources and many predefined types of collation (e.g share, correlations, trends) in a short time you will create a clear analysis. In addition, you can share the result with other users of SAP Lumira or SAP Crystal Server system.


A short film presents the idea the use of SAP Lumira


If you want to share information with another users in a Crystal Reports summary form, Dashboard, SAP Lumira statement or file – reports can be available in the book of reports form or can be sent by e-mail. System also allows for create report distribution roadmap. Simply, the right data getting to the right people at a certain time, so they can quickly make the right decisions. It is worth mentioning that users don’t have to be only the employees, but also other Business Partners (who don’tt have direct access to the SAP Business One).


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