SAP HANA platform together with the SAP Business One, enables you to use of innovative technology, processing data in memory to search for information and to prepare reports and analyzes within seconds. Quick access to data is instant search business critical information. it is also help you to make better decisions. SAP Business One for SAP HANA is the only ERP system with fully integrated analytical solution Business Intelligence class.

SAP HANA how does it work?

SAP HANA is an exciting new and unique technology provided by SAP. Its essence is an innovative and previously unavailable technology for use memory to store data (in-memory technology), which is particularly useful for handling – with unprecedented efficiency – large amounts of data. In the past, analysis of the data were made by producers of ERP systems separate from the transactional (such as invoices, journal entries). Previously it was necessary to create analysis structures in order to answer the questions, which contributed to the expansion of the data warehouse. Now, when the drive speed is no longer that important, we can also handle transactions and run data analysis. In SAP Business One for SAP HANA one system supports both: current transactions and real-time analysis.


SAP HANA introduces a new quality of systems for data analysis. Visit the SAP Business One Academy and watch less than 2 minute video to learn about how it works.


Benefits for Your Business

SAP Business One for SAP HANA with analytical solutions is a number of benefits for you, your company, managers, analysts and other system users.

  • Quick and easy access to data, including the use of of ready analysis and reporting tools like SAP Lumira, Pervasive Analysis and Microsoft Excel
  • Easily customizable dashboards showing the user the most important reports and indicators
  • Quick response to the increasing number of appearing questions about the business, without having to wait for IT services (IT)
  • Additional features available through the high-speed processing as advanced forecasting cash flows, schedule shipments (availibe-to-promise)
  • Search engine information like google(enterprise-search)
  • The solution for users with varying levels of technical competence, including managers who want to gain and take a look at the data or analysts analysts searching data to look for trends and answer more and more questions
  • The platform prepared for the development of the scale of operations of your business, both in terms of the amount of data being processed and reported needs
  • Rich predefined database of analyzes, reports and models
  • Low costs with extensive functionality, ease of use and consistency of the tools a single source – SAP producer


SAP Business One for SAP HANA is the first solution on the management systems market, which implementing the concept of analytics for each employee. SUPREMIS as the first in Poland implemented SAP HANA, in order to fastest availability of a wide range of benefits to its customers.


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