SAP Business One 10.0 new functionalities of the popular ERP system.

What’s new in SAP Business One 10.0?

A flexible, mobile system with an elegant look.

SAP Business One 10.0 is a completely new version of the already recognized ERP system. In addition to changing the layout, the system has gained many new functionalities significantly improving its operation.


The main emphasis was placed on comfort of work, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Over 30 areas of the system have been developed, adding new or improving existing functionalities. Working in SAP Business One 10.0 is now faster, more intuitive and efficient.


SAP Business One 10.0


SAP Business One 10.0 – new functionalities


The SAP Business One platform has been enriched and expanded with new elements in individual areas:

  • Web Client:
    • Web Client for SAP Business One.
  • Usability:
    • New Skin Style – Belize Deep,
    • Enhanced User Interface,
    • Alignment of Form Behavior,
    • User Name in
      License & Add On Administration.
  • Administration:
    • Support Expiration Date,
    • Enhancements in Document Printing,
    • Referenced Document Enhancements,
    • Support Attachments Tab in Additional Objects,
    • Increased Field Lengths,
    • Enhancements
      in Approval Process,
    • Tab
      Level Authorizations in Master Data.
  • Sales | Purchasing | Service:
    • Backorder Report Enhancements,
    • Printing Service Calls & Contracts,
    • Hide Blank Lines in Addresses.
  • Production:
    • Updated Item Description Applied to BoM,
    • Drill Down from BoM to Item Master Data.
  • Inventory | Distribution:
    • Serial & Batch Numbers Management,
    • Ability to change UoM Group of an item.
  • Financial Managemant:
    • Drill Down to G/L Accounts in Financial Reports,
    • Posting Periods Enhancements,
    • Extend Journal Entry Remarks to 254 Chars.
  • Project Management:
    • Interactive Gantt Chart.
  • Business Intelligence,
  • Platform | Extensibility:
    • Service Layer Configuration UI,
    • Formatted Search Supports Multiple Triggers,
    • Extend UDF Support to Additional Objects,
    • Office 365 Integration,
    • 64
      bit Support Only,
    • SAP HANA 2.0 Platform Adoption,
    • Support SLES 15,
    • Additional System
    • Remote Support Platform 3.2.
  • Product Life Cycle Management.

Learn more about selected functionalities of SAP Business One 10.0.

Web client for SAP Business One

SAP Business One 10.0 - Web Client
  • The Web Client* is based on SAP Fiori
    design principles encapsulating SAP
    Business One core processes and business
    logic alongside an advanced user experience.
  • Focused on Sales Order creation and
    processing and supports creation and update
    of Sales Orders, Activities, Business Partners
    and Items.
  • The Web Client provides some sophisticated
    analytic charting capabilities.
  • For optimized user experience launch the
    Web Client in either a desktop computer or
    tablet, using the Google Chrome or Firefox
    web browser. The Web Client can also be
    launched directly from the regular SAP
    Business One desktop application.

New Skin Style
Belize Deep

SAP Business One 10.0 - Nowy wygląd


  • New skin style “Belize Deep” is added to SAP
    Business One 10.0, version for SAP HANA.
  • Inspired by the SAP Fiori design and following the
    Web Client look & feel.
  • Currently available when using the Fiori Style Cockpit.
  • 4K monitors supported when using the Belize Deep skin style.


  • Modern and fresh look and feel.
  • Harmonized user experience for those who work with
    both SAP Business One and the Web Client.

Enhanced User Interface


  • New icon and menu option under the View menu enables the showing or hiding of the toolbar.
  • Users can enlarge working area by hiding the toolbar.
  • The company name and user name are clearly
    displayed at the top center of SAP Business One window; Click it to open the “ Choose Company ”
    window directly.


  • Information about current company and logged on user is displayed clearly.
  • Switching between company databases and users is one click away.

Enhancements in Document Printing

SAP Business One 10.0 - Ulepszenia w drukowaniu dokumentów


  • The selection criteria for document printing is
    enriched with additional options according to the
    selected document type.
  • Form Settings window is added to the “ Print
    < document>” window allowing the user to customize the column display.
  • The “ Print <document> document>” window now supports table
    sorting and filtering.


  • The enhanced selection criteria enables you to
    optimize batch printing.
  • Increased usability and productivity especially
    when printing a high number of documents.

Referenced Document Enhancements

SAP Business One 10.0 - Udoskonalenia dokumentów referencyjnych


  • You are now able to reference documents in Checks For Payment, Purchase Request, Goods Receipt & Issue,
    Inventory Transfer Request, and Inventory Transfer.
  • Numeric indication for number of referenced documents.
  • Automatic referenced document creation from applicable marketing documents.
  • Recurring Postings can be referenced to a single
    document. This document contains a reference to each
    recurring posting created. The referenced by tab displays
    then the cross referencing to the recurring posting itself.
  • Module sorted list of documents to reference.


  • Extended coverage of referenced documents across SAP
    Business One modules.
  • Better visibility of when documents are referenced.

Support Attachments Tab in Additional Objects

SAP Business One 10 - Obsługa załączników


  • The Attachments Tab is now available in Inventory
    Opening Balance, Inventory Counting, Inventory
    Posting, Incoming Payments, Outgoing
    Payments, Check for Payments, Deposit, Journal Entry, Production Order, and Time Sheet.


  • Support managing attachments for additional
    objects and streamline system behavior.

in Approval Process

SAP Business One 10 - Ulepszenia w procesie zatwierdzania


  • New setting enables approvers to update draft document in Pending status.
  • Last Updated By and Last Updated On fields are now available within the Request for Generation Approval form.
  • Approval Status Report now contains Draft
    Updated By, Draft Update Date, Draft Update Time, and Draft Remarks fields.
  • Both the authorizer and the originator can add the document for approval.


  • Minimizes unnecessary back and forth between
    authorizer and originator.
  • Simplifies approval procedures and adds even
    more flexibility.

Posting Periods Enhancements

SAP Business One 10 - Ulepszenia okresów sprawozdawczych


  • A new checkbox added to the Posting Periods
    window enables to define the default “Due Date To” to be set when creating new posting periods.
  • The sorting of columns is now possible within the Posting Periods form.
  • Filtering is now possible within the Posting Periods form.
  • The Find field allows for quick free text searching.


  • Simplifies and streamlines the creation of new financial periods.
  • Enhanced usability of the Posting Periods table, highly significant for businesses with long list of posting periods.

Backorder Report Enhancements

SAP Business One 10 - Udoskonalenia raportów zaległości


  • Backorder Report now displays A/R Reserve
    Invoices with payment status Fully Paid, Partially Paid and Not Paid.
  • Reserve Invoice Payment Status is included within
    the Filter Table.


  • All A/R Reserve Invoices are visible within the Backorder Report.

Interactive Gantt Chart

SAP Business One 10 - Interaktywny wykres Gantta


  • Interactive Gantt Chart allows Project Phases to be moved or extended/shortened interactively.
  • New fields added representing Project Due Date and Finish Date.


  • Project updated according to planning changes within interactive Gantt Chart.
  • Easier and more visual planning of Project Management Tasks.

Serial & Batch Numbers Management

SAP Business One 10 - Zarządzanie numerami seryjnymi i numerami partii


  • Serial Number Management and Batch Management
    now includes the ability to update on A/R Reserve
    Invoices and Inventory Transfer Requests.
  • Destination Warehouse Code and Destination
    Warehouse Name now included in the Serial
    Number / Batch Management Update form.


  • More document options when updating Serial
    Numbers and Batches.
  • Better reporting on warehouse code on warehouse
    name on inventory transfer transactions.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

SAP Business One 10 - Integracja z Microsoft Office 365


  • Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive integration
    allows for document layouts, grid results and reports to be exported into Excel and Word accordingly.
  • SAP Business One 10.0 Template Management
    allows for more flexibility in reporting and document
    layouts management.


  • Automatic upload of exports into OneDrive.
  • Easier report and document layouts management.
  • Access from everywhere.

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