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Solutions for human resources and payroll departments

Running a company in the light of dynamically changing regulations is a big challenge for every entrepreneur. Failure to meet deadlines, errors in documentation or lack of knowledge of regulations may become the object of interest of tax institutions.

It is very time-consuming and problematic to handle employee matters, which becomes almost impossible without adequate support provided by the HR and payroll system.

The solutions in the field of human resources and payroll offered by SUPREMIS, which are constantly updated and adapted to legal changes, combined with the substantive knowledge of consultants, constitute a solid basis for cooperation with our clients.

We are up to date not only with technical innovations, but also with dynamically changing labor law regulations.

Benefits of working with SUPREMIS

  • Solutions compliant with labor law
  • Flexibility to adapt to internal regulations
  • Technical and substantive knowledge of experienced SUPREMIS consultants
  • Speed of response to reported problems
  • Flexible forms of cooperation at the implementation stage and post-implementation support



Benefits of implementation

  • A comprehensive solution supporting the calculation of wages
  • Preconfigured processes and standard definitions included
  • Rich report module (with a built-in tool for creating statements on your own)
  • Implementation speed
  • Low system implementation and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of the paper flow of documents
  • Guarantee of compliance with applicable regulations



Rapid technological development and high dynamics of changes in legal regulations require us to observe the market and adapt.

Without the right tools in the form of IT systems, everyday work becomes almost impossible.

Is your system keeping pace with changes?

We offer solutions for a multi-faceted analysis of the employment structure and labor costs, which for several decades have been supporting the work of hundreds of HR and payroll departments and guaranteeing adaptation to the changing Polish labor law regulations.

From the recruitment process to the end of employment – we support you at every stage.

Obszary wsparcia

Support for the recruitment and employment process

  • keeping records of application documents,
  • recording of the recruitment process (meeting notes),
  • personal forms,
  • and reporting to ZUS

these are only selected functionalities offered by us as standard

Personnel records

  • automatically updated libraries of places ensure correct completion of address data, among others to PIT,
  • self-verification – reports reminding about deadlines, incl. medical examinations, courses, occupational health and safety or employment contracts,
  • creator of reporting and deregistering an employee / family member at ZUS (integration with ZUS Płatnik),
    PPK – accessions and resignations as well as transfer of contributions as standard!
  • Handling bailiff deductions has never been easier – verification of the national minimum, deductions from benefits, monitoring the order of deductions, installment payments and payments to KZP,
  • ZFŚS module – records of payments broken down into types of benefits (taking into account the threshold for tax exemption),
  • employee appraisal,
  • internal training,
  • statements for the Central Statistical Office.

Accounting for working time

  • Monthly and annual work cards with the possibility of printing and exporting to word / excel,
  • Records of sickness absences, holidays and unpaid leaves, taking into account the applicable limits,
  • Working time records – entry / exit hours, business departures, overtime and night hours,
  • All work time systems,
  • Many calendars and the distinction of billing periods,
  • Virtual time readers and the ability to synchronize with any T&A readers,
  • Control of the planned working time and its implementation.

Support for the payroll

  • Standard component definitions included in the program after its installation,
  • The ability to adapt the components and definitions of payrolls to the needs of each company,
  • Records and settlement of all types of contracts,
  • Generating remuneration transfers, ZUS and taxes (support for all electronic banking systems),
  • Automatic transfer of contributions to ZUS,
  • Possibility of calculating multiple payrolls in one month,
  • Payroll slips, printouts of payrolls and many reports and payroll statements,
  • Accounting for salaries in the financial and accounting system, including group 5 accounts, projects and cost centers.

Employee module

  • Elimination of the paper circulation of holiday requests,
  • Possibility of independent verification by the employee remaining to use the leave
  • Applying for permission to go on a business trip and settling its costs (with the approval of the supervisor),
  • Built-in work time recorder,
  • Applying for overtime work – remote work or early departure,
  • Access of the studio to its own HR and payroll data,
  • Possibility to provide employees with pay slips, certificates and PITs,
  • Logging in as an employee / supervisor.

Case study

Case study

Check out our systems supporting HR and payroll departments

The price of solutions for HR and payroll departments

The price of purchasing and implementing the system is determined by many factors specific to the industry in which the organization operates, as well as individual customer expectations and needs. The price is also influenced by the software delivery model (local or in the cloud) and the method of settlement (subscription or one-time fee). To estimate the amount of investment in a solution tailored to your needs, the following process most often works:

SAP Business One


Using the contact form or via chat, contact us and write what system you are interested in or what problem you want to solve.



In the second step, our account manager will contact you to arrange the details. Thanks to this, we will get to know your needs better and choose the right solution.



We present a solution configured for the needs of your company and its processes. During the presentation, we also most often specify the necessary functionalities.



Having full knowledge, we prepare a price offer for the purchase and implementation of the system and discuss it in detail.

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