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Property Management for SAP Business One

Specialized software for the commercial real estate market

Specialized software for the commercial real estate market that has been successfully implemented among investors and property management companies around the world. It integrates all business areas, saves costs, simplifies processes and ensures transparency of operations. It brings together the management of the entire real estate business in one place.

Key functionalities


Reporting and BI


Finances and accountancy


Invoicing and billing


Real estate register


Support platform


Contracts and rental management


It integrates the most important business functions

Manage the entire business – incl. possession, documentation, contracts, rental, settlements as well as accounting in one system.

Property Management for SAP Business One allows you to manage the entire business in one place, from the records of tenants, suppliers, records of the state of ownership (land, buildings, premises) to the detailed terms of lease agreements and accompanying financial security. Thanks to the use of the SAP Business One platform, software proven by over 70,000 companies, our clients gain access to the latest technologies and constantly developed functionality adapted to the changing needs of the business. The system is available to any company, regardless of its size.
Our clients are both large international corporations and small local companies operating on the commercial real estate market. Based on their experience – owners and managers of commercial real estate – we constantly create new and improve the existing IT solution.

Property Management is available in the cloud, which generates many benefits for users, such as no need to invest in server infrastructure, availability of the solution on any device and anywhere, the ability to share and access data.

Control in management

you get a full picture of the real estate by gathering all the necessary information in one place, and easy and direct access to the data necessary for the proper management of commercial real estate, including, among others: the state of ownership, documentation, lease contracts, settlements, as well as invoicing rents and other matters accountants.

Reduced risk of management errors

by storing all information in one place and registering it once, you reduce the risk of mistakes, omissions and repetitions in commercial property management

Convenience and flexibility

Property and Facility Management for SAP Business One is intuitive and easy to learn, available in many language versions, and its implementation allows you to adjust it to individual expectations and needs depending on the type of property being managed and the specifics of your company.

24h control

Property and Facility Management for SAP Business One is a modern tool designed to most effectively control commercial real estate – software available in a web application, and sends monitoring alerts that notify the manager when something important happens.

Save time

Property and Facility Management for SAP Business One gives you quick insight into contracts, automates correspondence, facilitates ongoing support for tenants, as well as all accounting and technical matters of real estate – the program simply saves your time.

It simplifies by eliminating redundancies

The entered information is available on an ongoing basis throughout the system, eliminating multiple data entries and reducing the number of errors.

Saves costs thanks to automation

Typical operations such as invoicing rental contracts and utilities, indexation of rates, settlements of shared charges are performed instantly thanks to dedicated wizards.





Provides operational transparency

Alerts monitor and notify when something important happens, reporting tailored to the needs of individual user groups, document workflow procedures to ensure workflow. Indicators monitor the most important processes.

Property Management functionalities

SUPREMIS Property Management Ewidencja obiektów

Object records

Complete and up-to-date information on real estate and tenants.

Property Managment allows you to get a complete picture of the property, record objects, as well as decisions and permits related to a given property.

Thanks to the collection of all information in one place, we have a full view of the measurements, valuations, types of individual complexes, objects or parts of the property. Each premises has a history of surface changes, which allows you to preview changes over time. The processes of combining / dividing plots as well as mass creation / editing of premises based on data saved in Excel facilitate the user’s work.


Flexible and accurate invoicing

Simple and complex invoicing rules, taking into account rent reductions, rebates and CAPs.

SUPREMIS Property Management Umowy najmu

Lease agreements

Readily available information on the detailed terms and dates of contracts, tenants’ security and guarantees, current and planned revenues …

… and automatically charged rent.

Flexible model for defining lease agreements

Various types of components allow to faithfully reflect the provisions of the contract. Any method of invoicing, proper currency and exchange rate selection. It is possible to define reductions and indexation definitions for each item. An agreement properly defined in the system and its associated components will enable automatic generation of sales invoices with accuracy to the object, company (in a multi-company model) and project.

Control of collateral and guarantees from our tenants, through ongoing monitoring of receivables, including aging reports. As a last resort, debt collection activities are undertaken. Thanks to Property Management for SAP Business One.

Information about the payments made reaches the system quickly thanks to the module of cooperation with banking systems. Additionally, the possibility of generating forecasts of revenues from lease agreements will allow you to precisely plan the future.

SUPREMIS Property Management Automatyzacja

Process automation

Built-in wizards to automate invoicing, indexation, and service charge settlements.

SUPREMIS Property Management Obsługa wielu spółek celowych

Support for many special purpose vehicles

Finance and accounting support, compliance with IFRS, multi-currency, ICO transactions, integration with banking systems.

SUPREMIS Property Management Kontrola kosztów

Costs control

Cost control with regard to budget, authorization procedures, revenue planning, rent and NOI reporting.

Business benefits


Control in management


Reduced risk of management errors

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Convenience and flexibility

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24h control


Save time

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Case study

Case study

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The price of purchasing and implementing the system is determined by many factors specific to the industry in which the organization operates as well as individual expectations and needs of the client. The price is also influenced by the software delivery model (local or in the cloud) and the method of settlement (subscription or one-time fee). To estimate the amount of investment in a solution tailored to your needs, the following process most often works:

SAP Business One


Using the contact form or via chat, contact us and write what system you are interested in or what problem you want to solve.



In the second step, our account manager will contact you to arrange the details. Thanks to this, we will get to know your needs better and choose the right solution.



We present a solution configured for the needs of your company and its processes. During the presentation, we also most often specify the necessary functionalities.



Having full knowledge, we prepare a price offer for the purchase and implementation of the system and discuss it in detail.

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