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SaldeoSMART for SAP Business One

Scanning OCR invoices and document flow

SaldeoSMART for SAP Business One is a modern online application that allows you to read paper and electronic documents (OCR) with the option of importing to SAP Business One. The program significantly improves the work of the office or accounting department. The scanned invoices are read and sent directly to your PC software. In addition, the software allows you to configure the flow of documents for the company as part of the electronic document archive.

Key functionalities


Flexible configuration of document flow


Ability to create your own document types


Extensive user rights


Logging of changes made by users


Reading documents (OCR)

SaldeoSMART for SAP Business One is an online application that analyzes scanned company documents and retrieves a number of key information from them. The read documents are imported into SAP Business One. So there is no need to manually rewrite information from documents.

SaldeoSMART for SAP Business One will read from scanned invoices:

  • dates,
  • net amounts and VAT according to the rates,
  • contractor data,
  • Bank account number.

And also data from goods items:

  • producent code,
  • product name,
  • quantity,
  • unit,
  • unit price,
  • net and gross value,
  • VAT rate.

Thanks to the automation of the data entry process, SaldeoSMART for SAP Business One allows you to save time and up to 50% of the costs related to entering documents into the computer system.

Scanning invoices and reading the information contained therein largely automates the work.



Document workflow

The package allows for individual configuration of document flow for the company, regardless of the number of workflows. The process includes the participation of both the accounting office and the company. Each document has its type and is assigned to a specific workflow. Individual stages can be created for all types of documents. Workers, in turn, can be given specific rights depending on their rights to access information.


The most important functions of document workflow in SaldeoSMART

Dokumenty Foldery

Cooperation with ERP systems and financial accounting

SaldeoSMART is a comprehensive and universal solution. It works perfectly with popular ERP and financial and accounting systems.

It is very often chosen by accounting departments of small, medium and large companies as a tool that automates the process of recognizing and booking invoices in systems such as:

  • SAP Business One,
  • SAP ERP,
  • SAP S4 HANA,
  • others (ask for details).

3 steps to convenience and savings in your company

The process of electronic document flow in the company significantly speeds up the entire approval process by individual people.

Scan the documents and read the information in SaldeoSMART

Scanned documents are automatically read by SaldeoSMART, even directly from the scanner. Completion information will be sent via email.

Verify and approve the obtained results

In SaldeoSMART, you can make an initial assignment by assigning categories to documents, descriptions of events or assigning them to an appropriate register (log).

Download the document file and import them into SAP Business One

Documents are imported to SAP Business One in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and standard mechanisms, so that uploading the documents allows for their proper accounting.

Key benefits thanks to SaldeoSMART


Reading information from documents (e.g. invoices) and importing to SAP Business One


Save time by eliminating manual entry of documents into programs

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Reduction of document processing costs

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Greater work efficiency


Fast document search


Availability of documents in electronic form 24 hours a day

Case study

Case study

Check also

Price of SaldeoSMART

The price of purchasing and implementing the system is determined by many factors specific to the industry in which the organization operates as well as individual expectations and needs of the client. The price is also influenced by the software delivery model (local or in the cloud) and the method of settlement (subscription or one-time fee). To estimate the amount of investment in a solution tailored to your needs, the following process most often works:

SAP Business One


Using the contact form or via chat, contact us and write what system you are interested in or what problem you want to solve.



In the second step, our account manager will contact you to arrange the details. Thanks to this, we will get to know your needs better and choose the right solution.



We present a solution configured for the needs of your company and its processes. During the presentation, we also most often specify the necessary functionalities.



Having full knowledge, we prepare a price offer for the purchase and implementation of the system and discuss it in detail.

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