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SUPREMIS E-commerce B2B/B2C

A proven online sales platform – tailored to the modern expectations of customers, built in PWA technology for any scale of business.

Integrated with SAP systems to complete orders faster and keep the customer informed about the status of its implementation. Thanks to the integration, the data is downloaded directly from the ERP system, which ensures that it is up-to-date, and all changes made in the system are immediately visible on the e-commerce platform.

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What is SUPREMIS E-commerce?

It is a recognized and appreciated solution dedicated to e-commerce, which gives a full range of possibilities of individualisation with regard to the range of products sold and the type of customer. It is an advanced internet sales machine capable of unlimited development as your business grows. It offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization and directory management tools. The solution provides all the necessary functionalities to run a thriving store.

Because the platform is scalable, it is the best solution for large brands, but also for smaller ones that think long-term and want to develop in the e-commerce market.

SUPREMIS E-commerce is a solution that can be fully adapted to the needs and expectations of the client. The e-commerce platform guarantees flexibility and gives the user full control over the functions, appearance and content of the store.

Among the platforms available on the market, there are several that differ to a large extent in flexibility related to adjusting to the client and development opportunities.

Group 1 – the cheapest platforms, but not allowing for adaptation to specific customer processes. Most often, they offer ready-made sets of functions that should be accepted if they are chosen

Group 2 – open source platforms. Dedicated to customers who do not like to adapt to ready-made solutions and want to stand out on the market. They have great possibilities of customization and writing new functions available on request for the client. They cost more, but allow a much more distinctive offer compared to platforms from group 1 and 3.

Group 3 – written from scratch for the client – in practice only for very large clients, expensive to develop and maintain.

Why choose SUPREMIS E-commerce?

The e-commerce industry looks to a very promising future thanks to the constant technological advances we are experiencing. For this reason, you need a platform that is built solely for the growth of your business and that focuses on increasing sales, simplifying the e-commerce process in order to provide fast service and increasing customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our solution, websites are created that are scalable, secure, customizable, user-friendly and 100% responsive.

SUPREMIS E-commerce is based on an open source engine, which gives thousands of developers around the world who develop this platform with new functionalities every day. Thanks to this, a convenience that appeared at the same time for the market leader in the United States, for example, can be implemented to your platform.

The right Business Partner is essential

Modern business has become inextricably linked with technology. The high volatility and dynamics of the e-commerce market raises the priority of selecting the right Business Partner – a supplier of system solutions for the brand. A partner whose substantive competences, the implementation and maintenance team and products in the “package” build a competitive advantage. A partner taking over responsibility for infrastructure, software and its development, effectively preventing the accumulation of technological debt, which is becoming a common phenomenon. An advisor involved in the digital transformation of a brand who fully understands its purpose and meaning.

Using the technological facilities and industry knowledge of SUPREMIS consultants, we want to be a partner for our clients in transformation processes, in which the customer experience is the center of an intelligent enterprise. By commissioning a modern e-commerce sales platform, we provide comprehensive e-commerce services for the brand. Our priority is to provide a solution that meets the client’s expectations for the next years of cooperation in conjunction with the enterprise management system (SAP product group). Comprehensive solutions digitizing the brand while maintaining full responsibility in the hands of one Partner – technology supporting the brand processes in the hands of SUPREMIS.

Functionalities of the SUPREMIS E-commerce B2B / B2C platform

Zarzadzanie projektami

Full two-way integration with SAP solutions

Take your online business to the next level. Thanks to integration, you will save time and money.



Thanks to the integration, you will have full control over the products offered online from the store level and the ERP system from SAP.


Communication between ERP and the e-commerce platform has never been so easy. New customer in the store? He’s already enrolled in your CRM.

Stock levels

Nothing simpler – you enter an order for a new batch of products, e.g. to SAP Business One, and it already appears in your store as a product available in stock.


With each order in the store, a sales document and a warehouse document are automatically generated in your ERP. You save time and minimize the possibility of mistakes.


Full integration allows you to manage promotions in the ERP system, and then automatically reduce the price on the e-commerce platform.

Program kadrowo placowy

User management

The ability to create and grant permissions to an unlimited number of users who will handle the store

  • assigning different roles to platform users,
  • unlimited number of users who can be granted permissions,
  • granting access to specific resources to individual users,
  • access to unlimited platform resources for the administrator,
  • possibility to modify user rights,
  • possibility to manage the platform by many users at the same time.
SUPREMIS E commerce Zarządzanie katalogiem produktów

Product catalog management

There is no limit to the number of products in the store, their types, categories and attributes.

  • adding an unlimited number of products, categories and subcategories,
  • adding different types of products,
  • mass import and export of products,
  • defining a set of attributes for given products or groups of products,
  • advanced options for filtering and sorting products,
  • stock management,
  • setting tax thresholds for individual products, groups of products or customers,
  • issuing opinions and reviews about products,
  • advanced pricing options.

Order management

All orders in one administration panel with the possibility of sorting and viewing them.

  • access to all orders within one administration panel,
  • automatic change of the status of orders and the ability to track them from the administration panel,
  • filtering orders according to various attributes, incl. date, order number, SKU,
  • mass action on multiple orders,
  • issuing multiple invoices for one order,
  • simple system of returns based on corrective invoices,
  • system of notifications about new orders.
SystemERP Zarządzaniesprzedażą

Customer management

Advanced client management options from one administration panel.

  • managing all clients from one administration panel,
  • access to the order history of individual clients,
  • advanced customer management options, incl. determining the length of the session or the period of data storage,
  • performing mass actions towards customers, e.g. deleting profiles, saving / unsubscribing from the newsletter,
  • creating groups of customers diversified in terms of factors, including tax classes,
  • the ability to personalize e-mails.
SUPREMIS E commerce Zarządzanie treścią

Content management

The user can fully add, edit and delete content from the store – in accordance with the permissions granted.

  • embedded content management system (CMS),
  • managing all types of content from one administration panel,
  • adding, editing and removing various types of content by editors from the panel level,
  • assigning content to categories and subcategories,
  • various options for styling and formatting the content,
  • setting meta data – title, description,
  • the ability to add H1-H6 headers in the content,
  • the possibility of creating a blog.
SUPREMIS E commerce Reguły promocji

Promotions and promotion rules

Extensive promotion management options, e.g.% or discount amount, buy 2 for 1 price, discount codes.

  • managing promotions from one administration panel,
  • implementing mass promotions for various product groups,
  • adding promotions from the catalog and basket level,
  • setting various price rules (for catalogs and baskets),
  • various types of promotions – price reduction, free deliveries, freebies, etc.,
  • determining the duration of the promotion.
SUPREMIS E commerce Raportowanie


A wide range of standard sales reports and the possibility of creating individual ones.

  • managing sales reports from one administration panel,
  • generating, viewing and exporting reports in a given period of time,
  • reports including number and value of the order, applied tax, invoicing status, delivery methods, quantity and value of included promotions,
  • product reports concerning, among others the most frequently purchased products, abandoned baskets, products added to the cart,
  • generating reports based on order statuses.
SAPBusinessOne Dobrydlakażdejbranży


Possibility to implement multiple language versions and manage them from one administration panel.

  • the possibility of implementing various language versions of the store,
  • management of all language versions from one panel,
  • adjusting the settings to a given language version (weight units, measures, time zones, contact details)
  • simple adding of translations for individual language versions,
  • separate translation sections for product attributes, categories, pages, blocks,
  • adjusting the currency and taxes to a given language version,
  • adaptation of payment and delivery methods to the language version.
SystemyITwbranżyhandlowo dystrybucyjnej

Payment and delivery

Various payment methods from wire transfer, online payments to trade credit and deferred payment.

  • informing the customer about the payment status,
  • various payment methods: incl. bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit cards, installment systems, payment gateways,
  • informing the customer about the delivery status,
  • various delivery methods: incl. courier, post office, parcel lockers, personal collection,
  • possibility to add free delivery,
  • various options for determining delivery costs – incl. based on weight, dimensions, place of delivery.
SUPREMIS E commerce Marketing

Marketing – functionalities

The platform provides tools to support SEO activities, as well as up-selling and cross-selling mechanisms.

  • SEO (including meta data, rich snippets, friendly URLs, cannocial tags, generating XML sitemaps),
  • managing the dispatch of newsletters; possibility of additional integration with email marketing tools,
  • social proof – a system for issuing ratings and reviews,
  • creating and managing survey forms,
  • matching and displaying related and recommended products, etc. – cross-selling and up-selling,
  • sections of bestsellers and recently viewed products,
    creating a blog section.
Maksymalna elastyczność w SAP Business One

Marketing and sales – integrations

The platform is fully compatible with all analytical tools and company management systems.

  • integrations with CRM,
  • integration with analytical tools (Google Analytics, Pixel FB, Hotjar etc.),
  • integration with social media channels,
  • integration with price comparison websites,
  • integration with marketplaces,
  • integrations with Google Merchant Center.

Benefits of implementing SUPREMIS E-commerce



Full spectrum – from small business to global brand



A completely secure system that protects your data and the data of your customers

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Many stores from one administration panel

blank img


Possibility of integration with ERP, CRM and other systems


24/7 availability

Your offer is available 24 hours a day: at night, holidays, Sundays.


The whole world within reach

Offer your products to the international market in multiple languages.

Case study

Case study

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SUPREMIS E-commerce implementation price

The price of purchasing and implementing the system is determined by many factors specific to the industry in which the organization operates as well as individual expectations and needs of the client. The price is also influenced by the software delivery model (local or in the cloud) and the method of settlement (subscription or one-time fee). To estimate the amount of investment in a solution tailored to your needs, the following process most often works:

SAP Business One


Using the contact form or via chat, contact us and write what system you are interested in or what problem you want to solve.



In the second step, our account manager will contact you to arrange the details. Thanks to this, we will get to know your needs better and choose the right solution.



We present a solution configured for the needs of your company and its processes. During the presentation, we also most often specify the necessary functionalities.



Having full knowledge, we prepare a price offer for the purchase and implementation of the system and discuss it in detail.

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