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HR and payroll system

R2Płatnik is a fully functional HR and payroll software. Thanks to R2Płatnik, you can conduct human resources, calculate remuneration in accordance with current regulations and make automatic settlements with the tax office and ZUS. Moreover, R2Płatnik is a tool that is fully integrated with SAP Business One.

Key areas of support


Quick access to personal data


Correct calculation of remuneration


Correct calculation of remuneration


Quick payroll cost analysis


Timely transfers to employee accounts


Thanks to its easy and intuitive operation, the system meets the requirements of the most demanding users, taking into account the specificity of various types of enterprises.

Thanks to the integration with SAP Business One, R2Płatnik is a system that perfectly complements the ERP class system in the company.

R2Płatnik in the cloud

In the time of a common “home office”, it is very important to be able to service employees remotely on a regular basis. Thanks to the prepared environment in the cloud, each employee and system administrator has access to the software from any place and on any device.

Benefits of using R2Płatnik in the cloud:

  • flexible monthly subscription,
  • access all the time and from any platform,
  • greater data security,
  • access by every employee,
  • no need to invest in your own hardware infrastructure,
  • system hosted on the newest technologically efficient server.




R2Płatnik functionalities

SAPBusinessOne Dobrydlakażdejbranży

Efficient record of employees

  • records of employees divided into groups
  • structured structure of HR data
  • deductions, loans, equivalents and lump sums
  • records of employment contracts and reclassifications
  • equipment record

Employee records divided into groups

Possibility to import employee data (including the opening balance) from the Płatnik ZUS program and other systems, search for employees with the required qualifications and completed courses

Systematized structure of HR data

Reminding about the expiring dates of medical examinations and OHS courses, correct interpretation of overlapping periods in the history of employment and education

Deductions, loans, equivalents and lump sums

control of the balance of installment loan payments, control of alimony and other bailiffs, car lump sum settlement, record of penalties and awards

Records of employment contracts and reclassifications

The payroll calculator enables quick net – gross conversions with full salary costs, takes into account the second job (employment) in the same company, apart from employment contracts, records notifications and deregistration from insurance, adjusting standard forms (contracts, certificates and others) to internal requirements

Equipment inventory

Layout of the equipment at a given position (e.g. protective clothing, cleaning agents) and control of its useful life

Czas pracy

Accounting for working time

  • determining the nominal working time for groups of employees
  • monthly and annual records of working time
  • holiday card with limit control
  • an allowance card with an automatic […]

Establishing nominal working time for groups of employees

Various working time systems in accordance with the labor code, control of working time standards in the agreed settlement period

Monthly and annual timesheets

Determining the nominal working time for groups of employees, control of hours to be worked or picked up by the employee, the possibility of cooperation with RCP systems (work time registration) and with systems of settling the working time of drivers (tachograph)

Holiday card with limit control

Explanation of the amount of the automatically introduced leave limit, taking into account the change of jobs and the degree of disability during the month

Benefit card with automatic calculation of benefits

Explanations of the amount of the automatically calculated sickness fee along with the method of calculating (supplementing up to a full month) grounds, corrections to previous sick leave

Cost records with the option of settling individual orders

Library of orders, i.e. contracts or projects implemented by the company, cost records separating the employee’s work performed within individual departments and orders, the ability to determine the costs in detail directly when filling in the job card

Piecework payroll

Possibility of settling piecework directly in the work card, detailed settlement of piecework costs


Calculation of wages

  • a modifiable system of calculating remuneration
  • payroll records, the ability to create multiple lists per month
  • settlement of civil law contracts
  • printout and record of bank transfer orders

Modifiable system of calculating remuneration

Various types of basic and additional payrolls prepared as standard, a unique method of parameterization of new payroll components in accordance with the remuneration regulations, a definable system of detailed settlement of remuneration costs

Payroll records, the ability to create multiple lists per month

Updating the billing parameters via the Internet, extensive explanations of the calculation of key ingredients (holidays, sick leave), automatic calculation of thirteen, adjustments and corrections, legible printouts of payrolls and strips for employees with the toner saving option, the possibility of sending strips by e-mail, original billing control system

Settlement of civil law contracts

Calculation and recording of other revenues (mandate contracts, contracts for specific work), hint of the gross amount after providing the expected net remuneration, remuneration according to the amount, according to the rate, payment in installments, transparent method of settling ZUS contributions

Printout and record of bank transfer orders

Automatically generated transfers from salaries, deductions, taxes and social security contributions, cooperation with most banking systems


Reports and summaries

  • settlement of salaries
  • settlement of remuneration costs
  • payroll planning and analysis
  • settlements with employees

Settlement of salaries

Annual PIT declarations with the possibility of electronic signature and sending e-Declarations via the Internet, a ZUS statement containing in a compact form all data for ZUS reports, cooperation with the ZUS Płatnik program by directly calling the program with imported data, cooperation with the program for electronic data exchange with the NFZ, cooperation with the SOD PFRON system enabling automatic data transfer to the Subsidy Service System

Settlement of salary costs

Detailed list of labor costs of individual employees with a division into departments and orders, detailed allocation of costs with a division into cost centers or group 5 accounts, cooperation with popular F-K systems

Planning and analysis of payroll and personnel statements according to various criteria

Detailed statements allowing for reliable filling of forms DG-1, Z-02, Z-03, Z-05, Z-06, Z-12 and Z-14, statement of budget security for remuneration, export of statements to other systems (e.g. Excel ) for further analysis, sending statements by e-mail

Settlements with employees

Aesthetic printing of a work certificate including all options, serial printouts of files and PIT declarations without the troublesome transfer of sheets in a printer, the ability to prepare your own documents to the internal needs of the company

Moduł samoobsługi pracowniczej

Employee self-service module



R2Płatnik -Podgląd

  • basic data: personal data, addresses, bank accounts, health and safety courses, medical examinations or employment contracts / civil law contracts
  • monthly settlements: bailiff deductions, data for calculations, equipment, business trips, Company Social Benefits Fund, equivalents and lump sums
  • working time: monthly work card, holiday card, allowance card, absences.

Employee printout journal

Employee printout journal

the possibility of making available on the website, among others pay slips, PIT forms or earnings certificates,

Registration of vacation requests

Registration of vacation requests

Adding an application causes the procedure of approval / rejection of the application by the superior, via e-mail.

Registration of a business trip order

Registration of a business trip order

(domestic or foreign delegation) and the settlement of the trip (approval process).

Applying for the Company Social Benefits Fund

Applying for the Company Social Benefits Fund

adding an application triggers the application approval / rejection procedure by e-mail.

Work time registration

R2Płatnik -Podgląd

(NOTE! An extended license is required with the RCP module) – the possibility of registering the entry / exit time, without the need to purchase readers:

Conclusions in the worksheet

Conclusions in the worksheet

  • overtime,
  • use of free time for overtime work,
  • a day off for work on a non-working day,
  • private exit,
  • remote work,
  • working time credit.

Mobile version of the portal for the employee

Mobile version of the portal for the employee

Version for the supervisor (possibility to manage employees)

Version for the supervisor (possibility to manage employees)

SAP Business One Zarzadzanie sprzedaza i relacjami z klientami

Additional advantages of the system

  • multi-company versions
  • network version
  • data safety

Multi-company versions

  • the possibility of servicing many entities of any legal form
  • import of company data from the ZUS payer program
  • additional options for the educational unit, health service and temporary employment agency
  • settlement of Supported Work Establishments and other units employing disabled people
  • dedicated versions for the accounting office
  • unified work standards
  • possibility of sending all printouts by e-mail

Network version

  • database with client-server architecture based on SQL server,
  • the ability to grant passwords and permissions to individual users,
  • control of operations performed by different users.

Bezpieczeństwo danych

  • pewność otrzymywania aktualizacji programu uwzględniających zmiany w przepisach,
  • mechanizm automatycznej aktualizacji programu przez internet na wszystkich stacjach roboczych,
  • rozbudowana wewnętrzna pomoc kontekstowa oraz porady techniczne przez telefon i w siedzibie użytkownika

Benefits of implementing R2Płatnik

The implementation of the system in the company will mean:


Shorter time spent on managing human resources and calculating salaries


Less possibility of making mistakes and the burden of filling in all forms

blank img

Preview of detailed salary costs broken down into individual departments and orders

blank img

Proper management by quickly generating various types of statements


Fast document flow in the company


Guarantee of compliance with current regulations and the possibility to become familiar with their changes

Case study

Case study

Check also


The price of purchasing and implementing the system is determined by many factors specific to the industry in which the organization operates as well as individual expectations and needs of the client. The price is also influenced by the software delivery model (local or in the cloud) and the method of settlement (subscription or one-time fee). To estimate the amount of investment in a solution tailored to your needs, the following process most often works:

SAP Business One


Using the contact form or via chat, contact us and write what system you are interested in or what problem you want to solve.



In the second step, our account manager will contact you to arrange the details. Thanks to this, we will get to know your needs better and choose the right solution.



We present a solution configured for the needs of your company and its processes. During the presentation, we also most often specify the necessary functionalities.



Having full knowledge, we prepare a price offer for the purchase and implementation of the system and discuss it in detail.

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