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SAP Business One

Flexible ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses

SAP Business One – Flexible and affordable ERP system available in the cloud or traditionally for every entrepreneur. Also available via a browser for even greater flexibility of use.

Key areas of support


Finances and accountancy


Sales management


Purchasing and sourcing


Warehouse management


Production management


Project management


SAP Business One offers an affordable way to manage your entire enterprise – from accounting and finance, through purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relations, to project management, operations, and human resources.

SAP Business One helps you streamline and automate your processes, gain better insight into your business so you can act quickly and make decisions based on real-time information, helping you to generate profit.

SAP Business One is easy to implement and available in the cloud. It is a solution for every modern entrepreneur who is convinced that technological innovation saves time and money.

Each company is different, therefore SAP Business One has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind.

Regardless of whether the system will be installed at the company’s premises or in the cloud, you can access it at any time and place, from any device, including mobile.

The recommended SAP technology is the SAP HANA platform because it offers a multitude of analytical tools available to any user at any time and from any device. The advantage of SAP Business One using the SAP HANA platform is that there is no need to run an external data warehouse to conduct analyzes. The design of the SAP HANA platform allows for the implementation of operational processes and cross-sectional analyzes without affecting the speed of the system.

Employees can start using it immediately after implementation. As your business grows, you can adapt and extend SAP Business One to adapt to changing needs.

SAP Business One supports 28 languages ​​and 50 local versions, delivered and supported locally.

Every day, over 70,000 customers use the opportunities offered by mechanisms facilitating the handling of multi-department and multi-group operations, with automatic exchange of documents between them.

Setting up and operating a branch or company abroad has never been so quick and easy.

SAP Business One industry extensions mean that it can be successfully implemented in many sectors of the economy.

Enterprises producing metal, plastic and wood products, implementing development, infrastructure and engineering projects, as well as commercial property management companies will find solutions dedicated to their industries. The system can also successfully support distribution companies that conduct retail, wholesale or B2B sales and use various distribution channels, such as, for example, online sales.

The flexibility of the tools provided with the SAP Business One system enables the implementation of the desired functions and building a competitive advantage for each industry.

The modern architecture of the solution also allows you to connect in a simple and quick way with any domain application, such as: CAD design applications, advanced applications for handling high-stock WMS warehouses, e-Commerce online sales and many others. It uses several tools, methods and fast communication protocols, such as SOAP, REST, oDATA, and Integration Framework (data bus).

SAP Business One supports employees in making informed, right decisions faster, collecting all the most important information about sales, customers, operations and finances, while making it available to the entire company at the same time. By integrating this data into a single system, instead of multiple disjoint spreadsheets, duplicate data entry is eliminated, saving your business time and money while avoiding errors.

SAP Business One functionalities

Finanse i Księgowość

Finances and accountancy

SAP Business One offers a complete set of tools to help you manage and improve financial operations.

You can perform all banking operations in the program, such as processing bank statements and payments, and reconciling accounts

The system allows you to manage cash flows, track budget execution and compare actual and planned values to check the current situation of the company. It allows you to accelerate the execution of transactions by integrating real-time financial operations with other business processes such as purchasing and selling, which results in gaining a better insight into cash flow.

Financial reports and analyzes

Create standard or custom reports, based on real-time data, for planning and auditing.

Create a profit center, define distribution rules, table of profit centers and distribution rules – this function allows you to display profit centers data and distribution rules in the form of a table, profit centers report – profit and loss account is based on revenues and costs, both direct and indirect, as defined in the distribution rules, and can be executed for any profit center.

Use of ready-made templates of chart of accounts

Defining individual charts of accounts, creating new accounting entries and searching for existing ones, verification and correction of postings before entering them into the general ledger, thanks to the possibility of making manual accounting entries, the possibility of defining G / L account assignment models, thanks to posting templates, which significantly reduces the work time and the number of errors.

Periodic postings – defining your own postings for regular use in accounting, the ability to automatically cancel postings of periodic entries made at the end of the month, the possibility of periodic valuation of unsettled exchange differences in a foreign currency, quick and easy generation of any number of financial report templates, budget definition and management him.

Configure budget distribution methods, define budget items in any currency (local, foreign or both), and view summary budget reports.

Accounting and financial reports

Balances of G / L accounts and business partners, settlement aging taking into account receivables from recipients and liabilities to suppliers, in accordance with the payment date; transaction journal, project posting report, balance sheet, turnover and balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, including all income and expenses, including credit card payments, recurring postings and customer receivables.

SAPBusinessOne Zarządzaniesprzedażąirelacjamizklientami

Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Winning new customers is important to being successful, but building and maintaining good customer relationships is just as important.

SAP Business One offers tools that will help you effectively manage the entire sales process and cooperation with the customer – from the first contact, through sales finalization, to after-sales service and service support. Its integrated functionality gives you a complete overview of your current and potential customers so you can better understand and meet their needs. This allows you to attract potential customers, increase sales and profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Sales and opportunity management

The ability to track opportunities and activities, from the first contact to the completion of the transaction. Assign total and weighted amounts depending on the stage of the opportunity realization and the value expressed in%. The ability to accurately describe the sources of acquiring potential customers in order to obtain information on which of them bring the greatest profits and on this basis to decide which sources are worth investing money in.

Marketing campaign management

Create, manage and analyze marketing activities. Preparation of industry campaigns for selected Clients, groups of Clients, selected products and product groups. Collecting information on the number of responses from customers, the number of conversions to sales orders and sales invoices, revenues and profits from the campaign.

Reports and analyzes

Create detailed reports on all aspects of the sales process, including forecasting and analysis of sales opportunities, using templates to speed up your work. Statistical reports of sales opportunities, sources of obtaining leads, sales value per trader. Reports and analyzes for the sales manager, showing the revenues and profits generated by each salesperson and total by the team.

Increasing the mobility of the sales team

Manage sales information on the go with the SAP Business One Sales mobile app. Possibility of accepting orders, setting up sales opportunities, checking stock levels in the headquarters and in branches, reports and unit analyzes, dedicated to each trader.

SystemyITwbranżyhandlowo dystrybucyjnej

Purchasing and sourcing

Every company needs a systemic approach to managing the procurement process, from sending inquiries to suppliers, …

… to ordering and payment processing. SAP Business One allows you to fully manage the order-to-pay cycle – this includes: goods receipts, invoices, returns and payments.

Integrated reporting tools

allow you to easily compare suppliers and prices in order to negotiate better offers and identify possible savings.

Creating purchase offers

Order and goods receipt forms; linking purchasing documents and viewing document paths for audit purposes; management of returns, ancillary costs and multiple currencies.

Processing vendor invoices

cancellations and credit notes in relation to the order form; planning material needs and proper scheduling of purchases.

MRP – material procurement planning

with the ability to create your own scenarios. Scenarios allow you to create a planning horizon, warehouse selection, inventory indexes, documents that will be taken into the scenario, e.g. sales orders, production orders, inventory levels (minimum, maximum, required), sales forecasts, purchase orders, etc. Automatically generate purchase recommendations or purchase orders with an accurate purchase date recommendation to reduce inventory and minimize financial resources.

Produmex WMS

Warehouse management

Comprehensive handling of warehouse service processes – PZ receipts, WZ issues, MM warehouse transfers.

Possibility to manage physical and logical warehouses

and locations in all warehouses, the ability to configure locations up to four levels: warehouse, zone, rack, shelf. Locking the location to inventory only a selected part of the warehouse, allowing sales from other locations. Managing multiple units of measurement: purchasing in another unit, storing in another, selling in another, and using conversion factors.

Organizing warehouse processes

thanks to dividing the warehouse into a reception area and an issue area. Allowing thorough checking of deliveries before they are accepted into stock, carrying out the quality control process and approval for sale or production process Possibility to indicate which products are packed into which collective packages, with the possibility of indicating individual serial numbers.

Simplified picking mechanisms

allowing to indicate what quantities from which locations should be taken to complete the order. Exact indication of which products and raw materials have dedicated locations and the possibility of placing them in a different place than intended for that purpose is blocked.

Inventory valuation with fixed price, weighted average, FIFO

and other methods, as well as monitoring inventory levels, tracking transfers and updating inventory in real time, checking availability.

SAPBusinessOne ZarządzanieProdukcją

Production management

Create and manage multilevel product trees (BOMs), issue and approve production orders, manually or by …

… backflush, global price handling for BOMs.

Multilevel production trees

the ability to define production trees, consisting of many semi-finished products that make up the finished product. Defining the quantities for each product tree that are needed to produce one item, which, after creating a production order for the selected number of items, automatically calculates the raw materials needed for the production.

The production order

can be generated manually by the user or automatically using the MRP function. It may have its own statuses that indicate whether it should be started, whether it is waiting for approval, or it may already be completed and waiting to be transferred to the finished goods warehouse.

Resource efficiency

the ability to assign performance for each production resource, e.g. the maximum number of items produced per minute and availability (one-shift or multi-shift work), the ability to limit the availability of selected resources and create production cells.

Production routes

the possibility of building technological routes according to order of execution – it is possible to assign a bill of materials (BOM) and a resource to each route. Routes have the option of assigning a lead time, which allows for a better scheduled completion date for a production order.

Accounting for production

SAP Business One enables the settlement of raw materials for a production order or for individual routes. Raw materials can be issued for processing into production with subsequent reporting of actual consumption (manual issue method) or accounted for after the production order is completed using the backfill method. We can track production costs on an ongoing basis, in the summary of the production order, broken down into material costs and labor costs.

SAPBusinessOne Zarządzanieprojektami

Project management

The area of project management has two most frequently used functions – implementation of internal projects (most often these are development projects) …

… oraz projektów zewnętrznych, realizowanych często dla Klienta.

Division into stages and phases

each internal and external project can be divided into stages and phases. Each phase may have successors and predecessors, with the configuration not allowing the second phase to start unless the first phase is completed. Each phase and stage can be assigned a completion percentage that shows what the status of each phase and stage is.


assigning people responsible for a given phase to implementation. In a project with several phases, we can assign a responsible person to each subsequent phase.

Documents and related matters

for each phase it is possible to assign documents such as: production order, sales order, sales invoice, issue from warehouse and admission to warehouse. In each project, there are cases / problems to be solved that require commitment and assigning responsibility to selected people. Each case can be described in the project management module, designated persons responsible for implementation and scheduling a meeting to solve the problem. After completing the project, you can describe how the problem was solved.

Project settlement

The project summary includes information on the project revenue, costs incurred until the report is viewed and the number of days exceeded in implementation. Additional financial reports are also available, such as the Profit and Loss Report on the project.

Dynamic Gantt

The possibility of looking at the structure of the report in a graphic form, with the option of postponing the date of service or product delivery.

SAPBusinessOne Zarządzaniesserwisem

Service management

Each time a device is sold, a serial number and a device file with basic data can be created. The file is used for accurate …

… describe the product and possible failures – how to solve them before the service is called. The system contains the history of service requests and the source where the request comes from. If any repairs required the release of a subassembly / component, documents documenting the repair / replacement will be assigned to the order.

Service request

it has descriptive elements informing from which customer the product was accepted. From the service request level, you have access to all information about the device and its history. If the claim is under warranty and there is a decision to replace a component, then it is released from stock and costs. In the case of post-warranty claims, it is possible to offer a repair with a specified cost. After accepting the cost of repair / replacement, the items are re-invoiced at the price specified in the price list or the looted price.


The definition can be arbitrary and fixed at any time. Depending on the scope of services, it is possible to create several levels of guarantee, e.g. bronze, silver gold, with a specific expiry date. It is possible to set reminders about the end of the warranty date.

Knowledge base

It allows you to reduce the number of devices / products that go to the site due to trivial things. In the first step, when the customer contacts the service and submits a complaint, the customer manager has the opportunity to suggest a few checks to confirm whether the damage actually exists. After the customer has exhausted the possible steps, a service request is accepted. After the next repair, if the fault occurs for the first time, describe in the knowledge base the type of failure, its cause and solution, so that you can refer to the description in the future.

Service request report

The monitor tells you how many service requests are currently there, how many are open and how many are closed. Important information is the% of complaints processed on time and the% with the number of days of exceeding. These indicators show the workload of the service department at any given moment and the planned workload over time.

Application for a service technician

A very convenient and intuitive tool for a distributed / mobile website. Dedicated to smartphones, it contains the necessary information about the device that requires repair and about the customer to go to. The service technician, from the application level, can view the customer’s name, device data and telephone contact with the customer.

SAPBusinessOne analizyiraporty

Reports and Analyzes

SAP Business One offers powerful analysis and reporting tools, including a fully integrated version of SAP Crystal Reports® for SAP Business One, …

… thanks to which it is possible to collect data from many sources and generate current, accurate reports based on data from the entire company.

Thanks to analytics based on SAP HANA technology, SAP Business One creates analyzes and reports using the powerful computing power of this solution. Offers real-time access to predefined dashboards and reports, as well as productivity tools to support decision making. The transparency of the tool allows the user to customize forms and queries to specific requirements without technical training.

Interactive Analysis – using standard Microsoft Excel functions to create reports. SAP Business One has several ready-made, built-in, predefined data models that can be run in Ms Excel and create reports and analyzes. After preparing and saving the report, its structure is remembered, and because it reaches directly to the data, it presents the current data after the next launch.

Predefined KPIs (key performance indicators) – SAP has a library of over 100 built-in indicators, which can be expanded at any time with the next ones necessary for decision making. The Dashboard Designer tool built into SAP is used for this. It is based on predefined semantic layers and allows you to create your own by, for example: writing a simple query, saving it as a template and creating a new KPI, report or analysis on this basis. Examples: Average delivery time deviation, top five sales employees, top five or lowest rotating products, etc.

Cash flow forecast – a tool for forecasting cash flow based on documents entered into the database. It shows the current and forecast financial condition of the company, up to a maximum of 1 year. It can include all recurring transactions, leases, planned costs and planned revenues. The possibility of simulating with the use of confidence levels allows for the preparation of very optimistic and pessimistic forecast variants, which helps to better prepare future, necessary actions.

Full-context search engine – If you need to find a given information quickly, and we do not know in which field it should be searched, the best solution is a full-context search engine. It is enough to enter parts of the name or surname, and the system will present through it all matching results, sorted by areas, e.g. sales, purchases, accounting, with the possibility of sorting them.

Benefits of using SAP Business One

The system provides many benefits in the process of running, managing and developing an enterprise. It is a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized companies from any industry with any scope of activity. The main benefits of SAP Business One are:


One comprehensive solution that meets the needs of all departments of the company

Quick and easy to implement, commissioning even within a few weeks


An efficient solution that allows the further development of the company


Flexibility of use – Cloud (service), own infrastructure (on premise) or hosting


Automation of processes, accelerating the implementation of tasks and reducing operating costs


Access to information at any place and time, also via mobile devices, facilitating the making of quick and correct decisions


Working with the latest technologies and flexible tools – the only limitation is human imagination

Case study

Case study

SAP Business One implementation price

The price of purchasing and implementing the system is determined by many factors specific to the industry in which the organization operates as well as individual expectations and needs of the client. The price is also influenced by the software delivery model (local or in the cloud) and the method of settlement (subscription or one-time fee). To estimate the amount of investment in a solution tailored to your needs, the following process most often works:

SAP Business One


Using the contact form or via chat, contact us and write what system you are interested in or what problem you want to solve.



In the second step, our account manager will contact you to arrange the details. Thanks to this, we will get to know your needs better and choose the right solution.



We present a solution configured for the needs of your company and its processes. During the presentation, we also most often specify the necessary functionalities.



Having full knowledge, we prepare a price offer for the purchase and implementation of the system and discuss it in detail.

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