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SAP Customer Checkout

Flexible intelligent point-of-sale POS solution.

With SAP Customer Checkout, you can digitize your business in the areas of sports, entertainment, retail, gastronomy, food and drink.

Quick registration of sales transactions

Processing cash or card payments

Managing returns

Reporting the closing of the sale day

Reporting the closing of the sale day

Global universality of the solution, multilingualism


Overview of the SAP Customer Checkout system

  • dedicated to retail sales
  • intended for sales personnel
  • designed for the retail industry, fast-food chains, restaurants, etc.
  • efficiently executing sales transactions
  • equipped with payment mechanisms available on the market
  • supporting loyalty programs, benefits, promotions, etc.
  • with built-in analytics

System components

SAP Customer Checkout

SAP Customer Chceckout

In-store POS system installed locally. It has three operating mode options (Retail, Quick Service, Table Service)

SAP Customer Checkout Manager

SAP Customer Chceckout Manager

The central software component, operating from the back office of managers, managing individual POSs, central management of the system, users and their roles, prices, vouchers, etc.

Support areas

Multiple scenarios to apply:

  • grocery store
  • florist
  • gym and fitness club
  • newsstand
  • cinema / entertainment
  • bar / restaurant
  • drugstore
  • clothing / footwear store

Functional areas of the solution:

  • POS – direct sales registration module – Checkout process in a retail store, kiosk, restaurant, etc.
  • Central Monitoring – Real-time monitoring of the entire POS network, central system management from the back office.
  • Mobile Loyalty Program – Manage customer data, reward loyal customers.
  • Retail – retail, merchandising, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc.
  • Quick Service – fast-food chains, take-out food, kiosks.
  • Table Service – restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, bistros.

Funkcjonalności SAP Customer Checkout

Quick registration of sales transactions

  • The solution includes all the functionality you need at the point of sale, from item selection, discounts, returns, tax deductions, multiple payment options, loyalty management, quick select buttons, to day close.
  • Use the solution also for table management in catering with a table management function.

Processing cash or card payments

  • Payment by cash, credit card or invoice. Integrate a payment terminal or extend the solution with the option of cashless payment with plugs.
  • Split payments, pay in multiple currencies and integrate customer orders with just a few clicks. Offer loyal customers to pay with loyalty points.

Managing returns

  • Manage returns or exchanges with the intuitive SAP Customer Checkout panel
  • Thanks to integration with inventory, the returned product is immediately available for sale

Reporting the closing of the sale day

  • Access real-time reports to find out how much revenue was earned for each store, cashier or item.
  • Control your financial results and receive all relevant data on the same day.
  • Analyze sales data in SAP Customer Checkout manager or learn detailed information on integration with SAP ERP and Analytics Cloud systems.

Support for loyalty programs and benefits

Offer your clients a loyalty program. Offer discounts and points on purchases. Set all parameters in the application and automate customer service to the maximum.

Global universality of the solution, multilingualism

SAP Customer Checkout is available worldwide in many languages and currencies. Integrated with the ERP system, it is a comprehensive solution for many retail outlets.

Main features of SAP Customer Checkout


system with offline function – also functions in unfavorable environmental conditions (e.g. problems with the network)

Intuitive operation

simple interface and uncomplicated operation eliminate the costs of personnel training

Speed of action

immediate waiting time for the next stages of the sales process


anti-fraud protection, real-time reporting, ongoing monitoring

Big Data

a solution that guarantees the ability to work with large amounts of data

Focus on the customer

service quality, customer data security, researching shopping behavior and customer preferences

Case study

Case study

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SAP Customer Checkout implementation price

The price of purchasing and implementing the system is determined by many factors specific to the industry in which the organization operates as well as individual expectations and needs of the client. The price is also influenced by the software delivery model (local or in the cloud) and the method of settlement (subscription or one-time fee). To estimate the amount of investment in a solution tailored to your needs, the following process most often works:


Using the contact form or via chat, contact us and write what system you are interested in or what problem you want to solve.


In the second step, our account manager will contact you to arrange the details. Thanks to this, we will get to know your needs better and choose the right solution.


We present a solution configured for the needs of your company and its processes. During the presentation, we also most often specify the necessary functionalities.


Having full knowledge, we prepare a price offer for the purchase and implementation of the system and discuss it in detail.

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