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SAP SuccessFactors

An extensive tool for Human Capital Management, available in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, i.e. in the cloud.

The solution supports enterprises in this area, naturally becoming a key tool for managers, HR department employees and other employees of the company. It is available both from the level of a web browser and a dedicated mobile application.



Modern interface


Available anytime, anywhere


Collaboration between employees


Employee self-service


Handling of requests by the manager


The strong point of SuccessFactors is its user-friendly interface – the solution is convenient and easy to use for both managers and employees, i.e. the target users of the system.

SuccessFactors has been designed to make access to the information you need simple and practical. This allows managers to effectively manage and make strategic business decisions, and employees to quickly view their own data.

In the current economic reality, there are many solutions that have evolved along with the changing needs of the organization, but still a significant part of them are systems dedicated to individual departments, focused on managing individual processes. Until today, in many companies, data in the HR area is recorded only in narrowly understood HR and payroll systems and processed by people employed in the HR department.

SuccessFactors reaches beyond the department dealing with employee matters, involving all members of a given organization in the human capital management process.

It does so by taking into account the roles each employee has to play in the company. The role of HR department employees in this process is quite obvious and for them this type of tool is most often their daily bread. The situation is different with managers or regular employees. Each manager is responsible in the organization for achieving the goals that the company’s management sets for his department. These goals are achieved by the manager through the activities of his team, and thus he needs appropriate tools to manage this team. SuccessFactors provides him with such tools. It is a place where data is collected and processed, transforming it into information necessary for a manager in the process of making all decisions related to his employees.

Thanks to the use of SuccessFactors, regular employees of the company also actively participate in the human capital management process. Such participation increases their motivation and commitment, and management believes it is the foundation of the organisation’s success.

71% of surveyed managers assessed that employee involvement is key in achieving business goals. *

Such opinions confirm not only the results of the research, but also the everyday management practice – motivated and committed employees are the basis for the success of the strategy implementation.

Engagement researchers such as Dilys Robinson describe it as the employee’s positive attitude towards the organization and its values. A committed employee takes responsibility for achieving the goals set for him, identifies himself with the culture of a given organization, is aware of his role and importance for the organization and cooperates with colleagues to increase work efficiency. All this brings tangible benefits to his company. The task of the organization is to act to develop and nurture employee involvement, which requires building a two-way relationship between the employer and employee. An important tool for supporting employee engagement by the organization is a system that enables effective building of this relationship through the use of many specialized functions. In the case of Success Factors, these functions are grouped in individual areas of the solution, corresponding to all aspects of the employee’s functioning in the company, and even going beyond these aspects. Success Factors has functions that allow for communication with potential employees of the company long before they are included in its structures.

* – according to a Harvard Business Review research.

SuccessFactors covers both the elements of hard and soft HR.

In the context of hard HR:

  • wages and employee bonuses
  • the place of employees in the structure of the organization
  • potential promotions

The system generates an automatic report in an accessible way, and each manager has access to the necessary information in accordance with their permissions. Part of the data is presented in the form of dash-boards that display a collective summary of information. The screens generated by this tool can show data via pie charts, bar charts, or any other accessible, transparent way.

As part of soft HR:

  • allows you to increase motivation and satisfaction with work and its results,
  • supports human resource planning,
  • shortens the adaptation period of a new employee,
  • allows to present expectations to employees in an understandable way,
  • facilitates the achievement of goals,
  • increases the level of employee efficiency.

SuccessFactors stores all data in one place, which allows you to calibrate ratings, allowing managers and others involved to clearly compare the results of assessments for individual employees against a wide range of other important information. As a result, the final assessments are more objective and better embedded in the context of the whole team. Thanks to the objectification of data in the system, it is easier for managers to select leaders or identify people who will be able to cope well with the new responsibilities.

It should be emphasized that the greatest benefits from the SuccessFactors implementation are achieved by the organization that implements most of the solution modules, achieving the synergy effect. On the other hand, the system, thanks to its modular structure, can be implemented in any configuration and its modules can be launched in any order, e.g. starting from those areas where the coverage of the system is the most urgent and will give the organization the greatest benefits.

Funkcjonalności - dostępne moduły SAP SuccessFactors

SAPSuccessFactors Modułrekrutacji


By using the Recruitment solution, you can significantly improve the visibility of your company on the labor market. …

A comprehensive set of tools for the selection and analysis of data about potential employees, included in this module, helps to find a person ideally suited to a given position.

The system gives access to job offers from over 3,000 sources in over 80 countries.

Streamline the entire recruitment process. Our cloud-based software provides an end-to-end solution to help recruiters and hiring managers acquire, engage, nurture and hire the best talent available.

  • Talent acquisition
  • Built-in candidate relationship management
  • Self-service, responsive career sites
  • Comprehensive management

Talent acquisition is one of the most important processes in a company – and the right people in the organization have a measurable impact on business results. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting helps you source, engage and hire the best talent in the world. Unlike others, we provide a comprehensive yet simple solution that provides guidance to anyone at every stage.

SAPSuccessFactors Onboarding


The onboarding solution allows a newly hired employee to contact the right people and read the relevant content before entering a new office.

So when he does, he can go to work right away, without the need for a protracted adaptation process in a new place.

Thanks to Success Factors, the costs of implementing a new employee are reduced by 13%.

Enable new or promoted employees to quickly deploy. Our cloud-based solution can help you deliver a personalized onboarding experience that simplifies paperwork, ensures compliance, connects employees with mentors and colleagues, and improves employee retention.

  • Building commitment from day one
  • Welcome portal for new employees
  • Mobile forms and electronic signatures
  • Crossboarding and offboarding support
  • Adapted to learning and setting goals for new employees
  • A dashboard to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks
  • A step-by-step wizard to support the recruiting manager and others


Search for the best candidates for your company:

  • Post jobs in over 4,000 sources in 80+ countries, including job boards, universities and social networks
  • Search engine optimized career site and landing pages will improve your site ranking in major search engines around the world to increase candidate flow at zero cost
  • Detailed analytics by task, source, campaign, or any number of data points to quickly access data to optimize spending
SAPSuccessFactors ModułCentralny

Employee Central

Employee Central is a module in which all data in the area of human capital management are collected and processed.

By using this user-friendly data center, both the employee, his supervisor or a member of the HR team gain quick access to all necessary information in the HR area. Additionally, the employee can update his data quickly and easily via this module. This self-service solution saves time and effort, both for him and for the company’s HR department.

Using Success Factors, the company reaches the break-even point of this solution after only 6.2 months.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is the core of modern HR for diverse and globally working groups of employees. This cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS) can help you automate HR processes, ensure compliance, and build meaningful relationships with employees and contractors.

SAPSuccessFactors CentralnyModułPłacowy

Employee Central Payroll

The new employee’s first salary arrives. Correct and on time – it will always be like this from now on, thanks to Employee Central Payroll …

– a secure, scalable and flexible payroll solution, fully compliant with the law and with a global reach.

Success Factors are up to 3 times lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over 5 years.

Simplify and automate payroll management for all employees. Our payroll software offers a built-in localization for over 40 countries – and its functions are fully integrated with the core HR, time tracking and benefits functions in SAP Success Factors Employee Central.

  • Real-time payroll monitoring
  • Global payroll processing
    Local languages and best practices
  • Compliance with the law and payroll
SAPSuccessFactors Celeiocena

Performance & Goals

Thanks to Performance & Goals, each employee is fully aware of their goals and goals of the company in which they work.

Constant access to feedback, tailored to his needs, allows the employee to achieve goals and even exceed the expectations of supervisors. Superiors, on the other hand, are able to accurately measure its performance and assess its strengths and weaknesses.

360o feedback systems included in the solution can generate a ROl of up to 700%.

Develop a versatile workforce that perfectly understands your business goals. Our performance management software can help you align your strategy and goals, improve dynamics through continuous training, feedback, accurate assessment and recognition of your best talent.

  • Managing employee goals
  • Accurate employee performance assessments
  • Effective coaching and feedback
SAPSuccessFactors Premie


The new employee achieved the set goals, or even exceeded them, and should be properly rewarded. This will affect their motivation …

… and commitment, and will additionally contribute to building a culture of reliable organization, focused on results. By using the Compensation module in conjunction with the Performance & Goals module, managers have constant insight into their bonus budget and know exactly how much a given employee has earned.

Access to information in the system is provided by over 20 ready-made reports.

Adopt a strategic approach to employee compensation management. Attract and retain a highly skilled and global workforce with competitive compensation programs. Align wages with business goals – and motivate employees by showing them that you value their contribution.

  • Optimize budgets with intelligent modeling
  • Create strategic compensation programs
  • Provide meaningful rewards and recognition
SAPSuccessFactors Sukcesjairozwój

Succession & Development

Every organization is a living thing – people come and go, which means that you have to find someone to replace them.

From the company’s point of view, it is better to have a replacement candidate before it becomes necessary. Thanks to Succession & Development, we can see the skills of people inside our company that predispose them to be potential candidates for such replacement and promotion. Sometimes it requires a slight “fine-tuning” of their skills, but once the competency gaps are filled, they become ideal substitutes. After all, why recruit externally when we already have the right person for a given position?

The built-in competency library, containing about 100 items, helps in identifying the appropriate candidate for succession.

Engage your staff and build a new generation of leaders. Our employee planning and development software gives you the tools to make this easier – so you can quickly fill top positions, retain valuable employees, and allocate to the right positions.

SAPSuccessFactors Modułuczeniasię


When we identify the competency gaps of a candidate for a successor, SAP SuccessFactors Learning comes into play.

The solution accelerates the development of a given employee, enabling his strengths to flourish and building competences in areas where we have identified their shortages. The combination of formal, informal, social and extended learning keeps the employee engaged and motivated.

Thanks to the SuccessFactors application, 17% more employees were properly trained.

Improve efficiency and business outcomes with a Learning Management System (LMS). Use it to build strong leadership, train all of your employees – including external employees.

  • Develop employee skills
  • Manage certificates and permissions
  • Train both internally and externally
SAPSuccessFactors Współpracaspołecznościowa

SAP Jam – Collaboration

After going through the educational process, the successor is ready to take on a new role when the need arises. Thanks to SAP Jam, his transition …

… to the new position is smooth. The social collaboration tool enables him to connect more easily with colleagues and even external partners. It facilitates access to published information, supports the exchange of experiences and helps in making decisions.

30% of contacts on internal social networks will be considered as critical as email and phone calls.

SAPSuccessFactors Analizypersonalne

Workforce Analytics

When implementing Workforce Analytics, employees of the HR department use real-time analytics. The solution provides …

… decision-making guidance through clear insights and key metrics, as well as access to a community of experts. Based on the information resulting from the analyzes, personnel decisions are made in the organization, and the HR department is able to provide managers with appropriate information support in relation to their teams.

Success Factors allows you to use a library of over 2,000 built-in indicators.

SAPSuccessFactors Planowaniezasobówludzkich

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning helps the HR team be prepared for what awaits the organization in the future. It enables the adjustment of recruitment …

… strategies to the company’s goals by defining the skills and competences needed to achieve them. It also helps to decide whether to start external recruitment or look for suitable candidates within the organization. In the latter case, using the functions of other modules, it makes it possible to find candidates with appropriate competency profiles or to indicate people who will become suitable candidates after appropriate training. The Success Factors system comprehensively supports the talent management process in the organization, providing over 19,500 unique elements of HR content.

Business benefits - impact on financial results


29% – lower staff turnover in organizations where HR closely cooperates with the management and managers in order to adapt tasks and initiatives to the business strategy


6.5% – lower remuneration costs in organizations where standardized assessment of effectiveness, calibration and analysis of budget plans are used, and there is a model of a cascade of goals and monitoring the implementation of goals consistent with the goals set out in the strategy

blank img

5.7% – increase in employee involvement in organizations where regular assessment of employee development needs is the result of regular, individual assessment of work results

blank img

30% – efficient, clear and fair assessment of the achievements of all employees, completed with a review of the company’s results, the guidelines of which are consistent with individual assessment sheets


34%minimizing the risk of error in awarding bonuses in organizations where the process approach of awarding bonuses and raises has been applied


10%lower cost of HR services in organizations that use employee and managerial self-service, compared to those where such a possibility does not exist

Case study

Case study

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SAP SuccessFactors implementation price

The price of purchasing and implementing the system is determined by many factors specific to the industry in which the organization operates as well as individual expectations and needs of the client. The price is also influenced by the software delivery model (local or in the cloud) and the method of settlement (subscription or one-time fee). To estimate the amount of investment in a solution tailored to your needs, the following process most often works:

SAP Business One


Using the contact form or via chat, contact us and write what system you are interested in or what problem you want to solve.



In the second step, our account manager will contact you to arrange the details. Thanks to this, we will get to know your needs better and choose the right solution.



We present a solution configured for the needs of your company and its processes. During the presentation, we also most often specify the necessary functionalities.



Having full knowledge, we prepare a price offer for the purchase and implementation of the system and discuss it in detail.

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